A Tribute to the Terminally Clueless

It's a sad fact of life and the Internet that this site is so very badly needed.

What is a fuckwit?

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Why have I been given a "fuckwit" card?

A "fuckwit" is a person who has consistently failed to obtain any degree of 'clue'.

This will often be in a technical sense, such as 'top posting' to usenet, quoting the entire text of a usenet post or email in your reply and adding a few words in response, or continually being a complete dickhead.
(Additional reference may be found on Dick Gaughan's site)

A fuckwit is often the cause of an id-iot interface error

Spammers are always fuckwits.

The term "fuckwit" may now be used quite easily in non-technical circles and probably applies just as equally to many people we meet in everyday life.  Rude people, devoid of manners.  Loud people, especially those who use their mobile telephone in totally inappropriate environments and only know two voice volumes ('silent' and 'shouting').

Many fuckwits drive buses.  Actually, many fuckwits just 'drive' - badly.
However, not all drivers, of buses or otherwise, are fuckwits.

Fuckwits park on pavements and in disabled parking spaces when they are not entitled to do so.

Fuckwits always believe they have 'right of way'.

Fuckwits drop litter in the street.

Fuckwits only generally care about themselves and this is evident in their overall attitude toward everything and everyone else.

Fuckwits always know absolutely everything in the history of everythingness.

Fuckwits talk lots and listen little.

Fuckwits never allow evidence to prevent them continuing to be a fuckwit.

Fuckwits, basically, are fuckwits.
There is no cure.

You'll know when you meet a fuckwit.