A Tribute to the Terminally Clueless

It's a sad fact of life and the Internet that this site is so very badly needed.

What is a fuckwit?

Give the gift that matters. Send a Fuckwit card...

Why have I been given a "fuckwit" card?

There are a number of ways that you can send a 'fuckwit card' to the outstanding fuckwit of your choice.

Via the Internet
The easiest way is to add a new .sig to your email or news client simply saying:

This is your
See: http://www.fuckwit.info

Alternatively, copy this preformatted text
into the body (not .sig) of your message:

Thank you for making your contribution

After having wasted a valuable part of
my life reading it again I am now most
delighted to reward your thoughtful or
dare I say 'inspired' efforts toward a
most worthy world by awarding you your

See:  http://www.fuckwit.info

The perfectly justified nature of this will be missed on those using Outlook or any other email or news client that doesn't use a fixed width font.  The vast majority of fuckwits on the Internet use such products, but not all users of Micro$oft products are fuckwits.

Non Internet Delivery

As we have identified in What is a Fuckwit?, many fuckwits are breeding and entering society to spread their fuckwittedness upon the world without having the need for online communication.

In these cases simply writing "You're a Fuckwit" on any piece of paper or card will suffice, however great care should be taken to protect your personal safety as many fuckwits are highly unstable, emotionally unbalanced and prone to violence ("the more senseless the violence the better" is the unspoken Mantra of many an Urban Fuckwit).

You may find that including the 'www.fuckwit.info' address is futile.  This could also be dangerous as the fuckwit may know someone who can show them how to use a computer, and you risk introducing yet another fuckwit to the Internet.